Deicide - "The Stench of Redemption"

Deicide – “The Stench of Redemption”

Deicide - "The Stench of Redemption"

Deicide – “The Stench of Redemption”

Deicide is often referred to as “Florida’s worst metal band”. Not so much for their self-titled debut or sophomore “Legion” – which are surprisingly, given how the band ended up, competent death metal records in the percussive style pioneered by Suffocation and Morpheus Descends – but mostly based on their atrocious later releases.

And even amongst the sea of shit that is modern Deicide, “The Stench of Redemption” stands tall as the largest and smelliest turd in the rectum of “modern metal”.

“The Stench of Redemption” is a disaster. It’s a messy, try-hard mix of deathcore and nu-metal, a fusion that had already been attempted by bands as legendary retarded as Gorguts, Antekhrist and Aborted, and this album manages to fail even harder than the worst turds from those three turd bands combined.

Think modern Immolation, but less technical, add in more chugging, some riffs that even Behemoth would be too ashamed to play, record the vocals in a closet, and borrow a snare drum from Lars Ulrich. Now, as a brutal death fan, I would in theory be all for that keg snare sound if used appropriately with gravity blasts and if played in time, but Deicide’s drummer does neither on “The Stench of Redemption”. I mention the drums first and so quickly because they really are that bad. The drums cannot manage to stay in time or make things remotely interesting, intense, brutal or technically worthwhile for even a minute. It’s all constant yet sloppy double kick wanking and an off-beat repetitive pinging from the snare which goes absolutely nowhere.

The vocals are absolute shit. Once again, I love gutturals and I tolerate even artificially pitch-shifted goregrind gang vocals… if performed correctly. Does Glen Benton do that? No, he sucks. There’s no power or depth to the gutturals, only a choke-clogged, scratching rasp to leave you cringing at the unashamed cuckoldry displayed both vocally and privately by Deicide’s vocalist and front-cuck Glen Benton.

And the riffs… damn, do they suck.

Remember how I explained this as an even dumber Behemoth? “The Stench of Redemption” is basically “The Satanist” with even more annoying octaves. Slamming deathcore vomit, but at least Behemoth isn’t fronted by the most risible frontman in death metal history.

Deicide merely chugs away on open notes with a few basic, derivative slams. These are occasionally broken up with some tremolo-picked riffs, but the kind that clearly states, “We have no idea what we’re doing! Let’s just play some random notes sort of fast to confuse our retarded 75 IQ audience“.

The lyrics are “edgy” as fuck. Early Deicide’s lyrics were often seen as an unintentional parody of death metal, but I wonder what we should call those of modern Deicide, as the lyrics on “The Stench of Redemption” sound like a parody of the band’s early try-hard blasphemous vomit.

It’s like your sole existence as a death metal band readily lowers the bar, and then you decide to go even further down just to prove to everyone that you are indeed the biggest turd the scene has ever seen.

“The Stench of Redemption” isn’t as bad as people say it is. It’s worse. Deicide is to death metal what Freddy vs. Jason is to horror movies. Replace with “Locked Up in Hell“, “Onward to Golgotha” or “Like an Everflowing Stream“, basically anything that’s not this smelly turd.

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