Gorgoroth - "Pentagram".

Gorgoroth – “Pentagram” (Weak Black Metal)

Gorgoroth - "Pentagram".

Gorgoroth – “Pentagram”.

Frankly speaking, I believe that Gorgoroth are not only posers, but also very overestimated posers. Too many weak outputs are connected with the band’s name, from the boring and insipid “Incipit Satan” and “Under the Sign of Hell” to the laughable “Antichrist” and, well, “Pentagram“. Their worthless debut album.

I wouldn’t go as far as to call it “satanic christian shit poser metal” like another reviewer… oh wait, that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Pentagram is “satanic christian shit poser metal” like you’ve never heard before.

The main problem with “Pentagram” is that the music on this album is shit. The second biggest problem, is that the band Gorgoroth belongs to the so-called “orthodox” black metal scene, like others bands of Watain and Dark Funeral‘s caliber. And that precludes these bands, apparently, from releasing anything decent.

My new absolutely serious thesis – “orthodox black metal” is a gimmick that tricks autistic metalheads into making fools of themselves by publicly announcing they think that this is what “black metal” is.

Gorgoroth have been a consummate “z-list band” from their inception onwards. Seriously, the “Gorgoroth” joke has gone on for far too long to be funny anymore. If it ever was funny to begin with, which I doubt.

Does Infernus still wear diapers on stage at his live shows? I’m asking because, well, when you self-profess to practice “the only true Satanism” and claim to be the “face of modern black metal” like he so often does, it’s better if you don’t, you know… shit yourself. Due to incontinence.

On Metalious’ forums, Gorgoroth is often referred to as the “worst band” in black metal history. Not so much for their later career, which also sucks but for different reasons, but mostly based on their atrocious debut “Pentagram” here reviewed.

The riffs suck, the vocals suck, the drumming sucks, the atmosphere… what atmosphere?

The lyrics are, as is always the case with the “theistic satanic black metal” scene, edgy as fuck. “Hail Satan” boilerplate for an upward 30 minutes. Their lyrics suck so bad, in fact, that the band threatens with copyright infringement any site that publishes them.

Even modern Deicide doesn’t sink that low, and god knows their lyrics are stupid.

That’s how bad Gorgoroth’s music is. With lyrics so childish and retarded that the band needs to literally sue the hell out of those sites that publish them, lest their entire fan base realise that the band Gorgoroth is basically one big joke.

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