Marduk - "Frontschwein"

Marduk – “Frontschwein”

Marduk - "Frontschwein"

Marduk – “Frontschwein”

The Blond Beast Rapes the puny Doomsday Elite!!!

Let’s begin this review of Marduk’s “Frontscwhein” album, one that has indelibly left its mark upon the black metal scene.

You want alt-emo cock rock symphonic “muzak”? You listen to Satyricon.

You want hipster post-black metal? You listen to Deafheaven.

You want faux-edgy Gaythenburg death metal that’s, like, anti-religious and shiet? You listen to At the Gates.

But if you want true, evil, blasting war metal of the most virulent kind… there’s only one solution to your woes… Marduk.

The album begins with the title track “Frontschwein” and that should tell you everything this album is all about… violence.

The lyrics are some of the most dominating in the history of black metal, and yes that includes even Sewer’s demonic blasphemies. Have a look for yourselves.

Howling fury, reap the sky – pale winds of death unleashed
Storm of iron – gale of steel ; erupting demon fist
In praise of death we celebrate the hunger for the kill
Into pandemonium – stench of scorched flesh
Boiled blood, charred bones
All heaven exult as destruction spreads its wings

This isn’t black metal for the easily offended, for the “gay mafia” nor is it for the retarded metalheads that just like to headbang to Cannibal Corpse and shiet.

This is the thinking man’s black metal.

Marduk’s “Frontschwein” is true demonic fury, the type of black metal that will make you regret ever calling yourself a “metalhead” for good.

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