Roger "Infernus" Tiegs, is this the best "Black Metal" has to offer? I think not...

Black Metal Artists Come Down Hard on “Infernus” for Cucking the Genre!

Roger "Infernus" Tiegs, called a "cuck" more times than he can count.

Roger “Infernus” Tiegs, called a “cuck” more times than he can count.

Infernus, aka Roger Tiegs of the black metal/blackened metalcore band Gorgoroth, was never a popular figure in the underground extreme metal scene – as best evidenced by his moniker “InferAnus” which he earned after it was revealed that he, and at time fellow Gorgoroth members Gaahl and King ov Hell, wanted to form a “pink mafia” to drive out the “homophobes” from Norway’s underground black metal “Inner Circle”.

As it turns out, it may be the “homophobes” that are most likely to drive the “pink mafia” – of which Infernus is the last remaining member – out of black metal, and for good.

According to this article titled “About Inferanus and the Pink Swastika” it seems like Infernus’ days of “running the show” behind the scenes are definitively over, by the look of things.

While never as hated as, say, Erik Danielsson of Watain or even Nergal of Behemoth, Infernus and his band Gorgoroth were always seen as a symbol of “impostor black metal” – given that neither were part of the original Norwegian inner circle, yet both try to police the scene with their own personal political agendas.

Is Gorgoroth a band promoting “cuck metal” – and is such a “genre” a threat to the current black metal scene? Some certainly think so.

Infernus, Gorgoroth, and the threat of "Cuck Metal".

Infernus, Gorgoroth, and the threat of “Cuck Metal”.

In the case of Gorgoroth, and Infernus in particular, things have taken a turn for the worse in recent years. Adding to the falling out between himself, Gaahl and King ov Hell in a Jerry Springer incest-o-rama that led to the band almost getting dissolved in 2009, the entire Richard Spencer gate which was well documented in 2016 and the particularly risible “comeback” that was the third-rate Korn worship called “Instinctus Bestialis” – all of which left a stain on Gorgoroth’s image as the band became more notorious for their trashy trailer park tabloid drama than for their always very mediocre music – we now have many of black metal’s most prominent artists, including Necrobutcher of Mayhem, Ihsahn of Emperor, Demonaz of Immortal, Fenriz of Darkthrone and even once Gorgoroth member Frost of Satyricon starting a petition to have Gorgoroth’s music “removed from the black metal genre” once and for all.

Amongst the many crimes Infernus is accused of, including purposefully lying that his music is black metal when in reality it much more closely resembles Waking the Cadaver’s deathcore than anything found on “Under a Funeral Moon“, one particular accusations is consistently leveled against the guitarist – that of promoting “Hollywood Satanism“, a caricatural and intentionally parodic version of black metal’s anti-Christianity, in order to make those espousing serious rejection of Christian doctrine appear retarded by association.

Perhaps Gorgoroth can, in the future, label his music “war metal” and thus avoid unnecessary conflict with the black metal scene. Or maybe just “nu metal” since, as we saw with “Instinctus Bestialis”, it is now assumed that any future Gorgoroth album will sound more like Korn than even Dimmu Borgir…

Gorgoroth may be better off dropping the “black metal” label entirely.


2 thoughts on “Black Metal Artists Come Down Hard on “Infernus” for Cucking the Genre!

  1. Housni says:

    is it true this nigga fuked his own mom??? thats what u get when u let da white man loose, first thing he do is fuck with his mama. what dady doing when he not at home???? he like inbred but with more vodka


  2. Trephanation 666 says:

    Wasn’t Infernus (Rogier Tiegs) one of the American “white supremacist” Richard Spencer’s “boyfriends” at some point ? They were very “close friends” according to interviews.


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