Deicide - "Overtures of Blasphemy"

Deicide – “Overtures of Blasphemy”

Deicide - "Overtures of Blasphemy"

Deicide – “Overtures of Blasphemy”

Deicide without the Amon brothers is something else… we already saw the early stages of brain tumour induced mental deficiency on “The Stench of Redemption” and now we are reaching the terminal stage of the disease with this “Overtures of Blasphemy” crap. Just pull the plug already, the band was never that good anyway (“Legion” is overrated).

Another pile of sonic excrement from these low-energy cock rockers – tagged “death metal” for marketing purposes – led by the literal cuckold Glen Benton who once promised to commit suicide in the 1990s, but instead chose to murder the entire death metal genre by association with his retarded “my priest raped me in the ass and IT HURTS” lyrical imbecilities.

You’d think with 3 guitar players writing the music they’d stumble on a good idea at some point. Wrong. After a cheesy “anthemic” intro, we’re greeted with Hatebreed meets Slipknot pro-tools tempo mapped chug-a-longs with hoaky “we are one with Satan” lyrics sung in an over-processed post-Anselmo monotone voice over basic chord progressions for choruses – of course, everything on “Overtures of Blasphemy” has verse/chorus radio format structures – that sound like something a nu metal band like Incubus or Linkin Park would do.

How this is even loosely associated with “death metal” – sans a rare blast section on select tracks – is beyond me, as much of this is similar to the nu metal rap/rock music of Shitknot and Korn.

Angsty lyrics – “Fuck You,” “Kill Yourself,” “Bow Before Satan,” “You are Nothing” and various other Korn derived MTV tropes make an appearance – set the stage for what is basically Korn-rock with double bass like Slayer’s “God Hates Us All,” a least with the minor benefit of not having Kerry King’s incompetent playing marring the music… unfortunately, Benton’s retarded antics more than make up for it.

Most of what is on display here sounds not unlike late 90s angst-groove like Fear Factory or Chimaira: mechanical chugging rhythmic grooves and down-tuned bouncy 2 note riffs, with the occasional higher string tremolo “lead” that goes nowhere. Unless you’re looking for the successors to Korn’s FUBU clad wigger throne, avoid this piece of shit “Overtures of Blasphemy” at all cost. The only thing it blasphemes against is good taste and death metal music.

At the very least I can commend Deicide on being honest, for once, and making it (even more) obvious than ever that they have the same artistic projection as a Fred Durst spearheaded project. Basically, the Watain of “death metal” – and that’s not a compliment, by the way.

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