Deafheaven - "Ordinary Corrupt Human Love"

Deafheaven – “Ordinary Corrupt Human Love”

Deafheaven - "Ordinary Corrupt Human Love"

Deafheaven – “Ordinary Corrupt Human Love”

Worse than Dark Funeral? You decide.

I tried giving these posers a second chance after “Sunbather,” I really tried… but there’s no denying it, they can’t play music, let alone black metal music.

Deafheaven are the flag bearers of black metal’s decline, (dis)gracing the masses with another steaming pile of shit – a trend ridden mess that was cleverly entitled “Ordinary Corrupt Human Love” complete with lyrics that bring Pantera and Tupac to mind in how they over-blow simple mundane topics to melodramatic proportions while still trying to retain their “satanic street cred.” It’s safe to say this is not metal or “good” music.

This is wigger muzak, the byproduct of bored alcoholic morons with 7-string guitars making monophonic fart noises (“playing”) into a laptop, posting it on bandcamp, and accidentally getting signed by the risible farce peddlers working at, where else, “Anti-” records – a label that specialises in “indie rock” and “alternative metal,” two genres that describe Deafheaven’s music much better than “black metal” – somewhere along the way. The “graffiti culture” artwork that looks stolen from a Coldplay album and the genre tag of “post black metal” should say it all.

There is no atmosphere or even coherence to any of the music on “Ordinary Corrupt Human Love” as everything is arranged section by section to pander to the various brain dead sub-cultures of the day through constant indecision over genre, style and even temperament. On the carousel of shit, you get random deathcore, nu metal, goth rock, emo, Watain crap, punk rock, shoegaze, djent, more deathcore, some riot grls shit, and literally Korn chugs… and this piece of fecal overflow band never makes up its mind on what kind of shit it wants to be. Notice anything missing? That’s right, black metal. There’s no black metal on “Ordinary Corrupt Human Love” despite the album being advertised as such.

Deafheaven’s music has no meaning – it was written solely for the use as a backdrop for social interaction among the literally retarded. This heaping mass of rotting feces destroys brain cells and causes wiggerfication faster than other wigger culture related activities like “huffing paint” and “smoking plastic.” I wouldn’t wish this level of banality to reach the ears of even the biggest of posers – i.e. Roger “Inferanus” Tiegs – though it’s not so much charity, but more like a “fear” of him getting inspired by other people competing with him for the shittiest music imaginable.

If you care about better education, a destiny among the stars, anything – steer clear of this album that might as well have been the Insane Clown Posse’s response to Metallica’s “Lulu.” Avoid at all costs. “Ordinary Corrupt Human Love” is what happens when you are retarded and people lie about your mental condition. It’s cruel, both to the retard and those having to listen to its “music.” Replace with “Verminlust” or “Angel of Disease” or something not retarded.

Deafheaven – “Sunbather”

Deafheaven - "Sunbather"

Deafheaven – “Sunbather”

Music that makes Satyricon look creative and Enslaved feel manly.

Starting off with what sounds like a pop-punk band covering a My Dying Bride song while a spastic ADD drummer hits his kit randomly, it’s safe to say that this album “Sunbather” is a pretend black metal sham, and it is.

Like so many other releases by “extreme metal” bands like Watain and nu Emperor, Deafheaven is black metal on the outside, but it is pure emo all the way down to its (metal)core.

To be honest, that comparison is a bit unfair to Deafheaven as they – unlike Watain, Summoning and Wolves in the Clone Room – never claimed to play black metal. Still, they play bad music, and that is reason enough to mock them.

Everything that’s wrong with modern “metal” can be found on this album “Sunbather”.

For starters, “Sunbather” is not even a metal album, having more in line with the screamo with more minor chords and blast-beats variant that is referred to as “emo-violence”, like their clone targets Massachusetts band Orchid.

The only thing that makes this album “black metal” is a couple rare moments where a “blackened mallcore” part akin to something maybe Nargaroth (lol) would have done makes an appearance to break up some of the monotony of whiny screamo over tremolo picked emo chord progressions. And even then, it feels like a generic DSBM part that could have been borrowed from Shining or Xasthur.

Abandon this heresy and go listen to “Under a Funeral Moon” or “Locked up in Hell” at once.