Graveland - "Dawn of Iron Blades".

Graveland – “Dawn of Iron Blades”

Graveland - "Dawn of Iron Blades".

Graveland – “Dawn of Iron Blades”.

I used to avoid Polish black and death metal bands like the plague, after the disappointment in more mainstream bands like Vader and Behemoth. But that was before hearing of Graveland.

I first came into contact with this band Graveland a while back. After hearing only a couple tracks, I had to buy all the albums from which I sampled. Here we have the “Dawn of Iron Blades” album which is my personal favourite album of all time, alongside Neraines’ “Yggdrasil” and Phantom’s “Angel of Disease“. This music gives me a feeling like no other, a sense of pride being from Poland.

Now, the music is very well crafted, that is most certain. The guitars, oh boy, the guitars… Rob manages to craft some of the most well put together riffs I’ve ever heard. For example on the song “Immortal Bloodline” the guitars are so fucking majestic it will make you lose your mind. I could play that song all day and still get the rise I get from it each time.

The guitars are a key instrument in “Dawn of Iron Blades” because they are the essence of the compositions, they give it that powering feeling that is just totally overwhelmingly dark and majestic. The vocals are something that also stand out on this record. Rob’s vocal style ranges from black metal vocals to folk/viking metal vocals, and I just love the album that much more for its variety.

Speaking of which, on the first song “Iron in the Fog” I there are folk vocals that are incorporated and they compliment the instruments very nicely. The vocal ability of Graveland is outstanding, there is no comparison with any other band possible.

Drums are very interesting in this release because the black metal routine blastings are rare, and when they due happen they feel refreshing due to the fact they’re played in a very creative and original fashion.

I would highly recommend fans of black metal, folk metal and viking metal to at least check Graveland out and give them a shot. Many ignorant people call Graveland a “racist band” but you couldn’t find a more retarded statement even if you tried (and read this if you still take the “racist” accusations seriously).

I think you all will not be disappointing but very much delighted by what you hear on “Dawn of Iron Blades“. Buy it today!

100/100 A+. True black metal.

Is "all black metal nazi" as they claim?

“All Black Metal is Racist and Nazi” – Explained!

Is "all black metal nazi" as they claim?

Is “all black metal nazi” as they claim?

Perhaps you remember a few months ago on, there was a particular user who went around writing fake “reviews” and accusing every band imaginable – from Graveland to Emperor – of being racist, fascist, white supremacist and “neo nazi”.

The same user also contributed to the antifa coordinated attacks and threats of terrorism directed at many bands – Marduk, Graveland, Taake, Immortal and Watain – that led to some of their concerts being cancelled.

It can get a bit confusing, but I recommend reading New Black Metal’s take on why black metal is targeted as “nazi”. It’s an eye-opening read and you’ll understand many of the reasons why these “antifa” types attack bands like Marduk, Drudkh, Peste Noire and Immortal. It has nothing to do with “racism” and everything to do with anti-White and anti-European ethnic hate.

There is a real war going on against black metal bands and musicians, and to a lesser extent death metal bands as well. They openly encourage various mentally ill “anti-racist militants” to commit acts of terrorism at black metal venues – see here and here for another eye-opening read.

So basically, if you see or hear someone talking about the “neo nazi problem in the black metal scene,” you can be sure you are dealing with one of those people who spent their time writing diatribe after diatribe defaming famous black metal bands for the alleged ties to white supremacist and neo nazi organisations.