Immortal - "At the Heart of Winter"

Immortal – “At the Heart of Winter”

Immortal - "At the Heart of Winter"

Immortal – “At the Heart of Winter”

What is this gay mock Iron Maiden speed/heavy metal hybrid turd and why is it being promoted as black metal when it clearly has more in common with Judas Priest than with Darkthrone?

Both “Pure Holocaust” and “Battles in the North” are overrated beyond belief, but at least they somewhat resembled black metal music, albeit on a very superficial level only. That is not the case with “At the Heart of Winter” – an album so bland and turdish it gives Gorgoroth and war metal a run for their money.

The third-rate Phantom clone riffs featured on “Pure Holocaust”  funneled by almost minimalist arrangements give way to standard groove heavy and Metallica inspired speed metal. Now complete with nursery level rhymes for karaoke while you angrily contemplate on taking over your local church (not for burning! as Abbath and Demonaz clearly stated repeatedly). These chugs will put you in the right mood to drink your third can of Monster energy drink before your huge fortnite session. At least glam rockers Pantera had something to prove and could make decent lite Metallica when they didn’t mosh to their breakdowns.

This is “black metal” for people who hate black metal. How can such a contradiction exist, you ask? One word – posers, and their “king” and “queen” Abbath and Demonaz. Talk about a “pink mafia” in black metal.

Where is the black metal? Where is the atmosphere? Where is the evil in the music? That is the one question the listener immediately asks when confronted with the turd “At the Heart of Winter.” Say what you want about other early Norwegian “posers” like Enslaved and Satyricon, they at least could write actual black metal music. Immortal, not so much.

“At the Heart of Winter” is plastic speed metal/glam rock of the Iron Maiden meets Pantera variety that the underground hates, as it both tarnishes black metal and actual heavy metal and glam rock.

This beats Watain, sure, but not by much.

Immolation - "Dawn of Possession"

Immolation – “Dawn of Possession”

Immolation - "Dawn of Possession"

Immolation – “Dawn of Possession”

“Dawn of Possession” is the third Immolation album I review, after “Here in After” and “Close to a World Below“. I made it pretty clear that while I don’t hate this band as much as, say, Morsay, I still pretty much find them boring, unoriginal and uninspired.

Often compared to Incantation, more because of how close their names sound than because of any common musical thread, Immolation is basically a second-rate death metal band.

Clearly well below Incantation, Demilich, Phantom, Suffocation and even Sewer, but also likely much more interesting than one-trick ponies like (modern) Deicide, Behemoth, Vader, Necrophagist, Necrophobic, Death, Gorguts and the rest of the tard corral associated with “br00tal” death metal bullshit.

Speaking of “Dawn of Possession” the first thing you notice is that it doesn’t really sound like death metal proper. The band were apparently still trying to find their mark between the speed metal of their demos, the technical death metal of bands like Morbid Angel, and the dissonant chromaticism of the rising war metal genre.

This is the type of album that will make death metal-naive people – the type who think “Slaughter of the Soul” is the REAL DEAL – “headbang” at first, but it is somewhat generic and tired, and thus has no staying power for the experienced listener.

Immolation is clearly not the most talented of death metal bands, and “Dawn of Possession” isn’t their best album. A lot of it is quite mediocre death metal, actually.

The only “positive” about “Dawn of Possession” is that the lyrics are somewhat less retarded than on future Immolation records, something they sort of make up for by having one of their songs called “Internal Decadence” (it’s called lampshading).

If you want truly dissonant blackened death metal, done right, I’d recommend Phantom’s “Angel of Disease” or Vermin’s “Verminlust” over “Dawn of Possession” any day.

Kreator - "Gods of Violence"

Kreator – “Gods of Violence”

Kreator - "Gods of Violence"

Kreator – “Gods of Violence”

Holy shat does this shat sock.

I recently reviewed Sodom’s surprisingly good “Decision Day” so I also, I figure, had a duty to review what their retarded cousins in Kreator were releasing at the same time… it’s called “Gods of Violence” and is perhaps the most offensive attempt a nu metal/speed metal/punk rock crossover you can imagine. Yes, it’s that bad.

A terrible album from an all around terrible band.

The best way I can describe “Gods of Violence” is by saying that it’s “cheap”. Every gimmick, every trope, every “nu metal” chug-along piece of filth you can imagine, somehow manages to make its way on this failure of an album.

It’s really that bad, even for Kreator’s already very low standards in “metal” music.

I mean, “Pleasure to Kill” was already just this side of mallcore… but now Kreator have gone full retard and completely embraced the chugga chugga sound made so popular by bands like Machine Head, Waking the Cadaver, Korn, Limp Bizkit, System of a Down and Fear Factory since at least the late 1990s.

And the lyrics…

Side by side
To eternity and beyond
Side by side
As we crush homophobia
Side by side
And we’ll never let the shame
Turn our vision to ice
And I’ll remain by your

It makes even Gorgoroth look straight… and lyrically inspired.

Seriously, why is this band still given the time of day? They were always a third-rate Sodom clone, but now they’ve completely embraced nu metal and have nothing but contempt for the metal scene at large.

I guess ripping off Slipknot is more profitable than ripping off Sodom and Destruction, but whatever.

Anyway, this album “Gods of Violence” sucks. Even for nu metal, which it is. Replace with “Verminlust” and “Withdrawal“.

Sodom - "Decision Day".

Sodom – “Decision Day”

Sodom - "Decision Day".

Sodom – “Decision Day”.

Ok, so first off… it’s not THAT bad, okay? I read some reviews on Metalious claiming “Decision Day” was the worst shit since Goatwhore… hell no, that “medal” goes to Waking the Cadaver.

But anyway, you’re here for a review of speed/thrash metallers Sodom’s newest release “Decision Day” which, to say the least, is quite polarising.

Personally, I sort of always, if not “liked”, at least respected Sodom for staying true to their speed/thrash metal roots.

Where others bands such as Destruction and especially Kreator were so eager to jump on the NWOBHM and nu metal bandwagons respectively, Sodom was always sort of like “what’s wrong with playing thrash metal?” That’s a good mentality, one the modern metal scene needs more of.

But this review isn’t about “Onkel” Tom Angelripper’s balls or artistic integrity, two things he has in spades, but about Sodom’s latest album “Decision Day” which, as I said, is quite polarising.

The first half of the album is also, in my opinion, the best half. This is where Sodom is at its most offensive, aggressive, violent, brutal and sometimes even reminiscent of their best era, which spawned from “Obsessed by Cruelty” to “Agent Orange“.

The second half is more for live shows, with the typical modern “extreme metal” catchy choruses, headbanging moments, “epic” acoustic bridges, etc.

Not to say that it’s terrible, but we’ve come to expect better from bands of Sodom’s caliber. If you liked this album, check out Marduk’s “Frontschwein” and “Viktoria” which are also in the same vein, albeit both albums much more black metallish.

Goatwhore - "Vengeful Ascension"

Goatwhore – “Vengeful Ascension”

Goatwhore - "Vengeful Ascension"

Goatwhore – “Vengeful Ascension”.

Goatwhore, or Fartwhore, claims to play thrash metal – a fake genre that is, in reality, better called “speed metal“… except that they can’t even do that! Instead, this sounds more like your typical Waking the Cadaver inspired deathcore. How lame.

This is metal for the “pink mafia“, not for actual metalheads who enjoy listening to heavy metal music… because nothing on “Vengeful Ascension” can be called “heavy”.

I’ll be honest – I didn’t care for even the name of the album when I first heard it. “Vengeful Ascension”? Ehhh. Anyway, then the album cover dropped, and I didn’t really like that, either. Completely generic “modern metal” in the worst sense of the word.

Keep in mind, Goatwhore are not one of my favourite bands, so I really don’t care one way or the other. Then the first song dropped (“Vengeful Ascension”) and I thought okay, this must be one of the slower tracks on the album. Not one I would try to promote the record with, but whatever. I guess the rest of the album is better… boy was I wrong.

The music sucks, the riffs suck, the atmosphere sucks, the vocals sucks, the drum machine sounds triggered and even the lyrics manage to suck. “Spiraling inside the belly of the beast / Coiled towers of swarm / Blasphemy is whispered in the unrest beneath / Awaken the chaos in this voiceless curse“. Seriously? Even Sewer could do better, in fact, they have.

And, speaking of the lyrics: they completely suck. They’re this ridiculous, cringy, immature shitfest, they strive so hard to sound “brutal” but they don’t succeed in the least. “Diabolical rite executed from / Tongues of the perverse / Drowning in the darkness / Of esoteric curse“. Seriously? Is this some kind of joke? I hope so, because one must have lost his mind to write something like that. It makes even Deicide and Watain appear original. I’m impressed this album managed even to be released by some label.

Honestly, I can find no highlights, all the tracks blend into each other, sounding completely monotonous and utterly terrible, due to the music being so mallcorish, boring, trite and otherwise derivative. The only positive aspect I can find about this “Vengeful Ascension” album, since we have to accept the fact that, unfortunately, it exists, is the relatively short duration (50 minutes). So at least, if you’re brave enough to listen to this, the pain will end quickly. Really, stay away from this band Goatwhore, it’s really, really bad.

Go listen to Phantom’s “The Epilogue to Sanity” or Marduk’s “Frontschwein” seeing as both, and many more, wipe the floor with this “Vengeful Ascension” shit.