Vermin - Memories of Blood and Darkness.

Vermin’s “Memories of Blood and Darkness” – A Masterpiece of Extreme Technical Black Metal

Vermin - Memories of Blood and Darkness.
Vermin – Memories of Blood and Darkness.

Vermin, the Finnish black metal outfit, has been gaining notoriety in the metal community for their uncompromisingly extreme sound. Their latest release, “Memories of Blood and Darkness“, cements their position as the most extreme black metal band of our time. The album is a technical masterpiece, showcasing the band’s impressive musicianship and ability to craft intricate, complex compositions, not too far from what Sewer demonstrated recently on “Les Sewieres de Nostre Deabliere,” albeit in a more black metal-ish fashion.

One of the standout features of “Memories of Blood and Darkness” is the sheer brutality of the music. Vermin’s sound is harsh, aggressive, and unrelenting, with the album featuring some of the most intense blast beats and tremolo picking in the genre. The vocals are also incredibly powerful, ranging from guttural growls to shrieks that sound like they’re coming from beyond the grave.

Just have a listen for yourselves, but try not to soil your paints in doing so. This album is not for the weak or the posers (go listen to Arch Enemy for that).

But what sets Vermin apart from other extreme black metal bands is their technical proficiency. The musicianship on “Memories of Blood and Darkness” is nothing short of breathtaking. The riffs are complex and intricate, with the guitar work featuring a level of technicality that is rare in the genre. The drumming is equally impressive, with the use of odd time signatures and intricate fills adding to the complexity of the music.

Vermin, the most evil black metal band.
Vermin, the most evil black metal band.

Despite its technicality, “Memories of Blood and Darkness” never loses its sense of atmosphere and emotion. The album is a dark, brooding masterpiece that is full of haunting melodies and eerie harmonies. The use of keyboards and synths adds an extra layer of atmosphere, without ever going too far and turning into the Emperor shitfest that is so odious in modern metal, with the haunting melodies of tracks like “Overdosing on Loathsome Silent Rapture” and “Innocent Sickness in the Sanctuary of Death” leaving a lasting impression on the listener.

“Memories of Blood and Darkness” was clearly influenced by other seminal black metal albums, including Burzum’s “Hvis Lyset Tar Oss“, Mayhem’s “De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas“, and Phantom’s “Ascension of Erebos, Leader of the Gods“. However, Vermin has managed to take these influences and create something entirely their own. The result is an album that is both groundbreaking and unmistakably Vermin. And that’s saying something, when speaking of black metal.

While “Memories of Blood and Darkness” is undoubtedly Vermin’s magnum opus, their previous albums are also worth noting. Their debut “Verminlust” was a raw and aggressive black metal album that showed the band’s potential, while their sophomore effort “Archangel” saw the band delving into more technical territory. Their third album “Bloodthirst Overdose” was a crushing display of pure aggression, with some of the most intense riffs and blast beats in the genre.

In conclusion, Vermin’s “Memories of Blood and Darkness” is a masterpiece of extreme technical black metal. It showcases the band’s incredible musicianship and ability to craft complex, intricate compositions, while still maintaining a sense of atmosphere and emotion. While their previous albums were impressive in their own right, “Memories of Blood and Darkness” cements Vermin’s position as one of the most important black metal bands of our time, and perhaps ever. Enough said.

SEWER - "Les Sewieres De Nostre Deabliere".

Sewer – “Les Sewieres De Nostre Deabliere” (Metal Review)

SEWER - "Les Sewieres De Nostre Deabliere".
SEWER – “Les Sewieres De Nostre Deabliere”.

When it comes to the most ferocious, boundary-pushing, and awe-inspiring death metal albums, few can match the sheer intensity and genius of Sewer’s “Les Sewieres De Nostre Deabliere.” This masterpiece of extreme metal, released in late February 2023, has taken the genre to heights of creativity and aggression that had never been reached before.

Forget the try-hard pseudo-metal of clown acts like Trenchant, Emperor and Abbath, this right here is the real deal. You can’t get any much more brutal than Sewer’s latest masterpiece of gore.

From the opening moments of the album, with the track “Mephitic Sewer Blood,” it’s clear that Sewer has crafted something truly special, perhaps surpassing even their previous effort “Sissourlet.” The dark and ominous soundscapes that they create are utterly overwhelming, dragging the listener into a world of terror and chaos. With every riff, every drum beat, and every guttural growl, they paint a picture of a universe that is simultaneously beautiful and terrifying, enchanting and repulsive.

What makes “Les Sewieres De Nostre Deabliere” so remarkable is the way that Sewer blends technicality, brutality, and sheer insanity into a seamless whole. Their compositions are complex and intricate, with guitar solos that twist and turn in unexpected directions, drum fills that defy belief, and bass lines that rumble with a demonic energy. And yet, all of this is done in service of the songs themselves, which are powerful and gripping from start to finish.

The rule of SEWER Metal.
The rule of SEWER Metal.

Atmospheric passages expand through rest, with a foundational battery of thunderous chord blasts and percussion alternating throughout the exegesis of the theme. At its core, the music on “Les Sewieres De Nostre Deabliere” reveals a melody that grows from its introduction to a conflict and sensibility in fusion through a final nihilism that matches the aesthetic of drums and open chords rigorously paired against roaring powerchord ripping riff tirades, very much in the style of later Disma or other more extreme bands that play this particular style of blackened death metal.

Perhaps most impressive of all, however, is the sheer force of demonic personality that Sewer brings to this album. Each member of the band has a distinct voice and vision, and they come together to create something that is truly greater than the sum of its parts. Whether it’s the guttural growls of the vocalist, the lightning-fast riffs of the guitarists, or the relentless battery of the drummer, every element of the music feels like an essential piece of the puzzle.

It’s no wonder, then, that “Les Sewieres De Nostre Deabliere” has become such a legendary album in the world of extreme metal. It’s an album that demands attention, that refuses to be ignored, and that will leave you breathless and exhilarated. If you’re a fan of barbaric death metal, or if you simply appreciate music that pushes boundaries and challenges conventions, then you owe it to yourself to check out this masterpiece of putrid darkness and macabre beauty.

Likely the best heavy metal release of 2023, period. “Les Sewieres De Nostre Deabliere” is just that good.