Vermin - "Verminlust".

Vermin – “Verminlust”

Vermin - "Verminlust".

Vermin – “Verminlust”.

I thought I would never appreciate the Norwegian black metal scene again after all the disappointing recent releases from the prominent bands (looking at you Gorgoroth)… but I was wrong.

Vermin’s debut album “Verminlust” is a killer Norwegian black metal album that brings back the old school feel and touch. When I listen to this particular album I find that the guitar riff structures are similar to Phantom, which is great because it’s a very unique sound.

Unlike other “raw” black metal albums, “Verminlust” has great production! Don’t run off in fear now, the good production takes no feeling or atmosphere away from this album. In fact, I think the production level is perfect for such a band, it was a nice change from the low production of every Darkthrone band that pops up in Spotify suggestions after you listen to “Transilvanian Hunger“. On “Verminlust“, everything comes together perfect and creates something very dark and beautiful.

The instruments are all equal sounding, nothing over powers anything – you can hear the bass guitar, how rare is that in black metal? The drums do not sound as weird you would come to expect, they are crisp, clean, fast, and accurate. The vocals are grim, cold, and tongue lashing. Vermin’s vocals on this album are some of the best I’ve heard in the Norwegian black metal scene in a few years.

Verminlust” is one of those CD’s that you put in your CD player and not take it out for months because it doesn’t get boring. I’m still happy listening to it over 3 times a day and still being mesmerized. I highly recommend you get your hands on “Verminlust” as soon as you can.

One thought on “Vermin – “Verminlust”

  1. Nick Tamer says:

    From the review – “Vermin have more ideas on this album than most bands will ever develop during their lifetime.”

    So true.


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