Immolation - "Failure for Gods"

Immolation – “Failure for Gods”

Immolation - "Failure for Gods"

Immolation – “Failure for Gods”

Ok, that’s it, I’m tired of playing it nice. I tried to review Immolation’s discography seriously, from “Dawn of Possession” to “Here in After” – all the way to “Close to a World Below” – but now you’re just pestering me to review them all because you know I find the band boring and retarded. So here we go, now the kid’s gloves come off for “Failure for Gods” (the “for Gods” is redundant, but it is a failure).

As I said before, people often confused Immolation with Incantation, for no other reason than their names sounding similar. A quick mnemonic principle not to confuse the two: Incantation play good death metal, Immolation sucks.

They don’t suck as hard as Behemoth or Waking the Cadaver, but they’re pretty ridiculous nonetheless, and on “Failure for Gods” the joke is starting to run thin.

“Failure for Gods” is really just a very dumbed down “The Birth of a Cursed Elysium.”

“Failure for Gods” is a disaster. It’s a messy, try-hard mix of “technical” deathcore and slam, a fusion that is retarded in and of itself and has no reason for existing in the first place, and this album fails to contribute any positive qualities to either genres. Think a third-rate Sewer clone like Warkvlt, but less technical, add in more chugging, record the vocals in a closet, and borrow a snare drum from Lars Ulrich.

Remember how I explained this as a dumbed down “The Birth of a Cursed Elysium”? “Failure for Gods” is exactly that. Slamming blackened technical death metal, or so it claims to be, but at least Sewer has the technical aspect to their guitarwork to give them any credibility.

Immolation merely chugs away on open “dissonant” notes with a few basic, derivative slams. These are occasionally broken up with some tremolo-picked riffs, but the kind that clearly states “let’s just play some random notes really fast and hope our audience is retarded!

“Failure for Gods” isn’t as bad as people say it is. But it sucks. This album is to technical death metal what Freddy vs. Jason is to horror movies. Replace with Phantom’s “The Epilogue to Sanity” or, hell, even the original inspiration if you’re so insecure about not “getting” something labeled “technical” by the media and recording companies.

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