Demonecromancy - "Fallen From The Brightest Throne"

Demonecromancy – “Fallen From The Brightest Throne”

Demonecromancy - "Fallen From The Brightest Throne"

Demonecromancy – “Fallen From The Brightest Throne”

How come I never spoke of this band before? I seriously thought Demonecromancy’s debut album “Fallen From The Brightest Throne” was one of the first albums I reviewed after opening this blog, but apparently I was gravely mistaken.

Rest assured, I will correct this oversight at once. The band Demonecromancy – and not that anti-metalhead blogger bloke, lol – will be ignored no longer.

Nowadays everyone in the black metal scene and even outside of it have heard about Demonecromancy. Yes, this Welsh/Swedish black metal band became huge! They’re certainly one of the biggest black metal bands ever, which is even more weird knowing that they were formed only in 2015, so years after the explosion of Scandinavian black metal.

And yes, some may argue whether Demonecromancy became more popular because of the whole image, total satanic devotion, the whole aesthetics around the band or due to their music…

Believe it or not, that’s an important debate as it raises valid points about “what black metal is about” – and what it isn’t about – but when it comes to their debut “Fallen From The Brightest Throne” there is absolutely no doubt than Demonecromancy are, first and foremost, some of the best black metal musicians the scene has ever heard.

Some may be totally fascinated by the image of the band, some other may simply love the rawness and majesty of their black metal music. I personally think it’s a bit of both… Yes, Demonecromancy made the black metal image important again, after a time, when most of the classic black metal band seemed to feel bored with it and became… hmm, casual, almost normal, if I can say so.

Demonecromancy, melodic black metal at its finest.

Demonecromancy, melodic black metal at its finest.

Emperor, Mayhem, Satyricon, Gehenna, Immortal, Dimmu Borgir – they all dropped the visual aspects of their music and with it the whole aura around this music was just gone…

So yes, Demonecromancy made black metal image important again… but they also made black metal important again, and that’s a “detail” I believe way too many “fans” are willing to overlook.

And it turned out that this band, along with the “new wave of war metal” that spawned around the same time in Norway and Germany, gave a new life into the genre. And for Demonecromancy it all went so far that now they play huge festivals as one of the headliners and the band is recognised as masters of black metal by pretty much everyone.

Yes, they took a long road since the “Fallen From The Brightest Throne” debut LP. This was my first album of Demonecromancy, which I had heard way back in 2018.

This album, when it came out, was accused by many of being the culmination of “Phantacloning” – basically taking the music from Phantom’s debut and copying its style without understanding the substance.

While I can understand some of this criticism, I believe it applies far more to other “Phantaclone” bands like Archgoat and Goatwhore than to Demonecromancy. Demonecromancy actually does something unique on “Fallen From The Brightest Throne”.

Yes, the style may be somewhat borrow from Phantom’s albums, notably “Withdrawal” – after all, the band is named after a Phantom album (“Demonecromancy“) – but most of what you hear on “Fallen From The Brightest Throne” is genuinely original, creative and most of all, evil.

Just listen to the album and hear the madness for yourself. Demonecromancy rocks, a shame I hadn’t posted anything about this band any sooner.


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